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grooming Policies

  • Proof of Rabies must be submitted before first groom​ing

  • Associate must be notified, before service begins, of any health or behavioral issues that could complicate the grooming

  • Grooming price will increase for extra circumstances that include but are not limited to matting, fleas, and poor temperament

  • ​Service animals MUST have an emergency number listed at all appointments and they MUST be picked up within one hour of being finished

  • We will not be held liable for any injuries that occurred to your pet before their grooming appointment
  • If your pet bites, and an associate needs medical attention, a report will be made to the state police

  • There are loud noises and pets may react a certain way but be assured safety is our main priority

  • It is at our discretion to turn down service if we feel that your expectations can not be met.

appointment  Policies

  • All services must be paid in full when picking up your pet.

  • Grooming is by appointment only, we do not accept any walk-in clients. If you don't have an appointment, one will be made for you and you will have to come back at the scheduled time.

  • Dogs that require special accommodations during grooms may need additional time or flexible scheduling/availability.

  • When booking your appointment, please understand that we may not be able to accommodate you for 2-3 weeks. Rebooking your next appointment should to be made when picking up your pet.

  • Your appointment time is the time you are expected to arrive. If you need to change the time of your arrival, please let us know by calling and/or texting us at 302-500-1814.

  • Cancellations within 24 hours, and no-shows, results in an automatic $20 fee.

  • After two no-shows there will be a 50% payment required when booking again or we will not schedule you again

  • You are welcome to wait for you pet to be finished but please do not distract your pet from being completed.

  • Pick up times MUST be within 30-60 minutes of being notified that your pet is ready unless prior arrangements have been made with a CCEG team member.

  • If you are late dropping off your pet we can not guarantee your appointment will still be available

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We take before and after pictures of our work to use on our business and social media pages. A consent form will be provided at your first grooming appointment. You will have the option to consent or deny this.

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🚫 Our grooming prices are a starting point for standard grooming of a pet in good condition. Please be aware that additional charges may be incurred for extra circumstances that include but are not limited to matting, fleas, and poor temperament. If we find your pet needs services beyond a standard groom, we will contact you to discuss the additional costs before these services are done. 


🚫 We reserve the right to turn away any pet, for any reason, at any time


🚫 CCEG reserves the right to turn away any client that does not comply with these policies.


​📞If you receive our voicemail, it means we are pampering someone's baby! Be assured, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

❓ If you have any questions about these policies, please call us for clarification.

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